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12/13-12/17 Practice Review

After our first tournament we were excited to get back to practice and work on some of our weak spots from the tournament, and build on our strengths.

Main Focuses:


Transition Defense


odd man defense

Help side

Close Outs


 A huge part of rebounding is having the mind set that you are going to out work everyone for the rebound but there are still skills necessary to learn in order to be a great rebounder.


Below is a great video that goes over what it takes to be a great rebounder.



Transition Defense:

A lot of our struggles during the first tournament came in transition. It is imperative that we hustle back on defense every single possession. We want to make the offense work for every single basket. We do not want to give up free points by not getting back on defense. Below are some focus points for transition defense.:

  • Sprint back to the paint

  • Stop ball early

  • Be ready to switch

  • Communicate

    • "I got ball"​

    • "I have help"

    • "SWITCH"

  • Stunt and recover

  • No layups

Close Outs:

In order to be great on defense, we need to be able to close out on defenders. Closeouts are skill that is often looked over, but is such a critical defensive skill. Below is a video from one of my favorite trainers, Paul Fabritz going over close outs.










Stay tuned for weekly practice updates in addition to some workouts that can be completed at home.

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