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Week 1 Practice Review

It felt good to finally get in the gym to start practicing. This week we started implementing some key principles that we will use throughout the season.


Main Focuses:

 Read and React

Pass and Cut


Practice Essentials

Ball Handling

 Read and React: 

 A Versatile system that contains many levels that can be run at any skill level or age. You can run this same system across all teams and be successful. This system uses key basketball principles to encourage movement without the ball, natural rotations, and natural offensive skill development.

Pass and Cut/Fill: Video Explanation

Whenever a player passes the ball, they must cut hard all the way to the basket. Players then fill up to any open space.

Ball Handling:

Ball handling will be something we practice every single practice. This is also something you can practice at home when we do not have practice. Some moves we focused on this week are:

  • Crossovers

  • Between The Legs

  • Behind The Back

  • Escape Dribble

  • Double Crossovers

  • in and out

  • progressions

Remember to practice all of these at full speed with both hands. There is no such thing as too much ball handling practice. This is a critical skill for all positions and ages.

Practice Essentials:

We spent extra time covering things that we will do every practice. We spent extra time on them this week in order to ensure everyone knows what to expect moving forward.

These drills consist of:

- 3 Man weave

- Celtic Passing

- 3 on 2, 2 on 1

- Stretching


***Stretching should be completed prior to the start of practice if possible***

Stay tuned for weekly practice updates in addition to some workouts that can be completed at home.

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